Each job is individual. Pricing is dictated by the amount of work and time required, the materials involved, danger, urgency, and frequency of your utilization of our services. Call us for oak wilt injection prices - rest assured they are the most affordable and reasonable rates in the state! Our general and oak wilt assessments start at $50 and generally do not exceed $300 depending on acreage. If you are considering investing in a property please call us to set up an inspection prior to signing - this will ensure that buyers do not obtain property with disease, fungus, or other unseen tree system issues. For all other set price services, please contact Cody for an estimate.


  • Company requires 50% down prior to start of job and 50% upon completion unless otherwise specified in the bid
  • We accept all major credit cards and share the fee with customers (3% on top of price)
  • We do also accept cash or checks